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Referral / In-Home


We have been matching tutors with students for the past 10 years.  
We are great at it!  Let us help you save money and time.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use JFK Referral Service
1.  All tutors have completed and passed criminal background checks. Safer than calling random tutors.

2.  We have verified all tutors' educational and teaching history

3.  All tutors have a profile for you to access at anytime

4.  You have access to over 4,000 approved JFK tutors to choose from as your private tutor...change anytime with no questions asked

5.  You do not have to spend time and money to verify background and education history

6.  Our proprietary system will communicate with your child's classroom teacher after each private tutoring session (optional)

7.  Access to national assessments and aligned booklets when needed

National Diagnostic Testing is available for K-12 reading and math.  It is NOT required but highly recommended for students in grade K-12 to help private tutors work on specific weaknesses.  The assessment results will also indicate your child's ranking amongst other students at their grade level in the nation NOT just in the state or the county.  Results will be available 1-2 days with full explanation by phone, mail and email.

8.  Daily Progress Reports emailed to parents 

9.  Free access to our online reinforcement database

10. No cost to you for using our service

1.  You tell us what subject(s) you need tutoring (any subject...basic reading to advanced Calculus)

2.  You tell us on the days and time that is convenient for student

3.  We match your criteria with one of our registered private tutors

4.  We schedule tutoring right away!

Click here to view some of JFK tutors in your area is JFK Tutoring's private centralized proprietary online database to maintain records of our program. Simply type in your zip code to view some of our available tutors.  We are registering tutors, teachers and professors everyday; therefore, we have more than what you see.

Call 954-533-0661 to get started!